Book 1 – Bluefire Warriors and the threat of The Bully Imps

Written by A. ClarkPrice

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A note from the Author…

The book is designed to protect and alert everyone through a new mythology that allows us to stop bullying in its tracks.

If you’ve ever felt like people don’t accept you for who you are. If you’ve ever felt sad because others make you feel different; if you ever get bullied physically, emotionally or verbally at school or even in the work place… If you’ve ever done these things to others…

Have you ever wondered why? Has anyone ever really explained it? Have you ever felt helpless to change things? Not sure who or what to blame?

It’s strange isn’t it that the worldwide problem of bullying and prejudice has been getting worse not better even though we have recognised that there is a problem. Ever wondered why?

If you have, then this story has found you at the right time and will help you understand why these things happen and what to blame. The story also shows you how you can help make things better for you and others. Your life will never be the same again now the truth is in your hands. The cause is no longer faceless now that the Bully Imps have been revealed so let’s start fighting every day!

The path each person takes is a choice and it is my sincere wish that you choose to join the fight against prejudice and bullying by spreading the news about the ‘Bully Imps’, the nasty little critters that are responsible for so much pain and suffering in the world…. But is it their fault?

Read how the Bluefire Warrior Guild was formed through the book and how we can all make a difference!


What is the Bluefire Warrior Guild?

The BFW Guild is a group of persons with the same goals built for everyone’s protection against bullying and evil in the world. The Bluefire Warrior Guild lives by the core values of Honor, respect, acceptance, truth and equality that promotes clean living, community and a commitment to unity. By honoring others and ourselves equally with respect, the Bluefire (source of wishes coming true in the universe) grows strong and protects us all.


Bluefire Warriors always support and defend other warriors regardless of who they are or where they come from. There is no religion, prejudice, judgment or class system between Bluefire Warriors because we are all equal in the eyes of the code.

The code supports a reward for effort benefit system. The harder you work, the more benefits and respect you gain. The currencies of Bluefire Warriors are respect, acknowledgement and security of community.


Bluefire Warriors always honor their health first so they are able to support other warriors. This is the code.

Bluefire Warriors always stand up for other warriors. This is the code.

Bluefire Warriors never judge other warriors. This is the code.

Bluefire Warriors never harm other warriors. This is the code.

Bluefire Warriors always accept and support other warriors. This is the code.

Bluefire Warriors make heart-felt wishes regularly. This is the code.

We all contribute in some way to The Bluefire Warrior Guild so every warrior commands respect. It is always given, as we are all equal within the code.

In The Guild all warriors have the right to love the way that is right for them as individuals and are accepted as equals. ‘No’ is always respected without malice or judgment. Violation of warriors’ rights will lead to banishment.


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